Elizabeth Witts and Ryan Descheneaux

Home Buyer of the Month

Elizabeth & Ryan

Elizabeth, a kindergarten teacher in Lowell, first heard about the home buyer training class through her mother in 2012. She enrolled in the… Read More


“It was the best decision of my life.” KENDRA, A SINGLE MOTHER OF TWO came to the US from the Dominican Republic seven… Read More

Pedro Rodriguez

“Make sure you’re going to like the house” Pedro’s mother completed our home buyer training program back in 2014. She also completed our… Read More

Dolores & Francisca

“You’ve got this.” Dolores’s mantra throughout her home buying process was “You’ve got this.” Purchasing a house was no easy task for… Read More

Olivia & Sister Chanmary

Believe It Is Possible OLIVIA FOUND US THROUGH a Google search. She took both our home buyer and landlord training classes. She didn’t… Read More

Minnie & Tiffany

“We had the best team.” MINNIE & TIFFANY ARE SISTERS who grew up in Lowell. They are delighted to own their own home after… Read More

Chan & Thara

“Daddy, we finally have a home.” CHAN AND THARA LEARNED ABOUT the Home Buyer Training Program through our Facebook page. A few… Read More


HUGO REALLY WANTED TO BUY A HOUSE but didn’t know where to start. A friend told him about the home buyer training classes… Read More


ALIZABATE TOOK THE ONLINE HOME BUYER training class in 2015 as a single mom. Shortly thereafter, she met her fiancé George. George was… Read More

Sharon & Harold

SHARON AND HERALD DISCOVERED the home buyer training classes during their extensive three- year search for a home. They took the class several… Read More