Sharon & Harold

SHARON AND HERALD DISCOVERED the home buyer training classes during their extensive three- year search for a home. They took the class several times in order to gain more knowledge about the home buying process. Learning about budgeting and how to manage their finances was the most useful to them.

Sharon and Gerald’s process was different than most as they went through the ‘Section 8 to Home Ownership’ program. With regard to the program, Sharon states, “In the beginning it was difficult, but in the end, it was nice to know that they were there to help.”

Finding the right home was not easy. The right home needed to meet specifications unique to their family situation. They have a disabled son who requires a wheelchair. In addition, Gerald has impaired hearing. Sharon handled the communication with the broker, home inspector and lender.

Sharon and Gerald were able to receive down payment assistance from the City of Lowell which was, “extremely helpful in buying a home.” They also benefited from receiving the MHP ONE mortgage. After realizing they were finally home buyers, Sharon states, “I feel so blessed and relieved now.” Gerald added that he was, “happy and cheerful.”

Some advice that Sharon wants to share with people who are trying to buy a home is, “Don’t give up, just keep going. Through my experience, I was so frustrated. There were a couple times I wanted to give up, but I knew I had to keep going.”

Lauren Lopez of Laer Realty Partners was their buyer agent.

Congratulations Sharon & Gerald!