About Us

The Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership (MVHP) was founded in 1986 by The Ethnic Covenant. During its early years, MVHP worked as a developer of housing for low and moderate income earners. Three condominium complexes were built in Lowell and Lawrence.

In 1991, MVHP shifted its focus and became a pioneer in the emerging field of homeownership education. A comprehensive series of homebuyer training seminars was created and named Project Genesis. Each seminar series consists of 9 hours of instruction and is conducted over three evening sessions.

Over 20,000 families have completed the Project Genesis home buyer training program so far. Classes begin every month and are offered in English, Spanish and Khmer.

In addition to the classes, we offer individual financial and credit counseling. These sessions are enormously helpful in determining one’s readiness to buy. These sessions are also helpful in addressing credit issues as well as learning about various mortgage options.

We conduct monthly Landlord Training seminars for those interested in purchasing multifamily properties.

MVHP also provides administrative and technical support for down payment assistance programs for first-time home buyers.