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Funding is available to Lowell homeowners for repairs and upgrades

The City of Lowell Rehabilitation Program is designed to help residents upgrade their homes and improve living standards. The program is available to low to moderate-income earners. Homeowners use the program for combined or single projects such as electrical upgrades, plumbing, and heating systems, kitchen and bathroom upgrades, roofs, flooring, and windows.

This is an excellent way for elders and other homeowners to invest in their homes with loans at 0% interest. The project manager supervises the work through The City of Lowell. The home will meet health and safety requirements once the work is completed. Homes built before 1978 may require de-leading as part of rehabilitation. Loans are repaid when the homeowner sells, refinances, transfers the deed (adding someone to the deed). Contact MVHP with questions at 978-459-8490 or

INCOME LIMITS for “Rehab Program”

Family Size / Maximum Annual Household Income

  1. $55,950
  2. $63,951
  3. $71,950
  4. $79,900
  5. $86,300
  6. $92,700
  7. $99,100
  8. $105,500