ALIZABATE TOOK THE ONLINE HOME BUYER training class in 2015 as a single mom. Shortly thereafter, she met her fiancé George. George was also intrigued and wanted to buy a house so he took the course in 2016. They purchased their home in August of 2017.

“The program was great because it provided a foundation, blueprint and understanding of what to do. Everybody should do this.” said George. They had talked about owning a house and said “We’ve got to do this”.

After completing the training, they met with Ed Alcantara, MVHP’s home buyer counselor. Ed helped them to develop a customized plan and set goals on improving credit and increasing their savings. Six months later, their progress was reviewed and new goals were set.

In June of 2017, George and Alizabete were pre-approved for a mortgage and started looking at houses. They looked at four houses but the one they really wanted was under agreement. Coincidentally, it was the house that George’s late brother had owned. Fortunately, it came back on the market. They made an offer which was accepted. “It was very emotional. It’s as though all the work my brother put into the house was for us. I can’t believe we bought a house in just two years and it was my brother’s house! Everything happens for a reason.” They ended up with their ideal house which met their needs in every way.

They were very pleased with the real estate professionals they worked with. Kudos to Kelly Espinola (Keller Williams Merrimack Valley) and Frank Espaillat (New Fed Mortgage).

Alizabete commented about the adjustment from renting to owning. It was decorating for Halloween that hit home the fact that she owned her own home. “Now I just want to walk into my home and say, ‘Honey I’m home.’”

The Lowell Development & Financial Corporation (LDFC) provided down payment assistance. George said the assistance from the LDFC was critical in making their purchase possible.

What a great story.