HUGO REALLY WANTED TO BUY A HOUSE but didn’t know where to start. A friend told him about the home buyer training classes and he found us online. He took the class in 2012 and was ready to purchase. However, a family emergency arose and his savings were depleted. Three years later and still determined to buy a house, Hugo started the process all over by saving up and retaking the homebuyer training course. This time, he also completed the landlord training program in anticipation of buying a multi-unit house.

As a construction worker, Hugo is very knowledgeable about homes. Even so, something that stuck with him was the home inspection process. “I thought I just needed to be approved for a loan and that’s it.” In class, he learned the importance of a home inspection. “I work in construction and didn’t realize how much a home inspector does.”

Hugo looked at over 15 houses. “I came across a house where the owner wanted $40,000 more than appraised value. He tried negotiating but the owner was not flexible. “As much as I liked the house, I decided to look elsewhere.” After months of looking, he found the perfect house.

The moment Hugo saw the property, he thought “I want to buy this house.” It was a three-family in move-in condition located in his neighborhood. The tenants were very friendly and reliable. He couldn’t believe the deal he was getting! To complicate things, he was leaving for a trip to his native Colombia that same week. Upon his return, they closed and he received the keys and became a landlord. After the closing he went for a cup of coffee and reflect. “It really hit me that I was a homeowner when I inserted the key into the door.”

Hugo returned from Colombia with his wife, Betsy, who moved into her new home! He was able to provide his bride with her own home.

Looking back, Hugo understood English, but he felt taking the classes in Spanish was important to fully understand everything. If he could give any advice, it will be to “make sure when you are taking such important steps in your life, to have a team that speaks your native language and listen to all the advice you receive.” Hugo’s buyer agent was Anny Cruz. His lender was Ariani Arias of Santander Bank. Now having a year of experience of being a landlord under his belt, he also advises anyone starting the process to “prioritize your responsibilities and do not give up in the process. It’s easier than you think it is if you’re willing to put the work in.”