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Save Money on Your Electric Bill. Switch to Viridian

Switch to Viridian. It is easy.

Here is a Win-Win idea.

1. Save money on your electric bill
2. Help the environment
3. Support the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership

If you look at your electric bill, you will see that it has two parts.
One part is for the electric supply. The other part is for delivery.

You have a choice about who you want your supplier to be. If you don’t select a supplier, National Grid automatically is your supplier.

We invite you to select VIRIDIAN to be your supplier. Nothing will change with your bill. You will still receive one electric bill each month.

VIRIDIAN is a “green” alternative to traditional energy. It utilizes more wind and solar power in supplying electricity to National Grid.

When you select VIRIDIAN as your supplier, you will see a reduction in cost. The rate charged by VIRIDIAN is typically lower than the rate charged by National Grid.

VIRIDIAN will give the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership $2 per month per customer. This can be your way of making a $24 annual donation to support our home buyer training programs.

Signing up is easy.

It doesn’t matter if you are an owner or a renter. You just have to be a customer of National Grid or NStar.

Instructions: Go to www.viridian.com/mvhp/default.aspx

At the bottom of the page, select “Become a Customer”. Follow the instructions.
We suggest using your driver’s license number instead of your social security number.
Thank you.