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City of Lowell HOME Program

The City of Lowell has a federally funded program for down payment and closing cost assistance for first time home buyers. This is a no-interest loan program. The loan does not need to be paid back until the house is sold, transferred or refinanced (if equity is taken).

The amount of assistance provided is based on need. The maximum amount of assistance is $10,000. 

Eligibility Requirements 

Participants should call for a Pre-Application Interview to determine the amount of assistance and eligibility.  Call 978-459-8490 to schedule an appointment.

You must be a first time home buyer. (Veterans do not need to be first time home buyers but cannot currently own a home.) A first time home buyer is defined as someone who has not owned real estate in the last 3 years.

The property you are purchasing must be in Lowell.

All members of the household must have a valid social security number.

The total debt ratio (calculated by the lender) cannot exceed 43%.

Buyers need to have 1-1/2% of their owns funds.

Your household income cannot exceed the following:

Family Size                   Maximum Annual Household Income

  1.                                             $47,600
  2.                                             $54,400
  3.                                             $61,200
  4.                                             $68,000
  5.                                             $73,450
  6.                                             $78,900
  7.                                             $84,350
  8.                                             $89,800

Procedure to Apply

The homebuyer and the lender prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership (MVHP).  After reviewing the application for eligibility and completeness, the MVHP prepares the legal documents and submits the application to the City of Lowell's Division of Planning & Development. The funds are typically available three weeks after a COMPLETE application package is submitted to the City of Lowell.

Lenders should send complete packages to MVHP.

By Fed Ex or UPS                        By Regular Mail
MVHP                                            MVHP
67 Middle St., Suite 501                P.O. Box 1042
Lowell, MA  01852                        Lowell, MA  01853-1042

Required Documents

Please download the City of Lowell Program Description to view the list of required documents.

Please DO NOT FAX or E-MAIL application materials.

Please note that major mechanical problems in a house must be rectified by the seller prior to closing in order to receive down payment assistance.

The mortgage clause should be on the insurance binder and read as follows: City of Lowell as "Loss Payee", 50 Arcand Drive, Lowell, MA 01852


The Massachusetts Division of Banks requires that the Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership be licensed as a Mortgage Broker since we assist in the promotion and administration of down payment assistance programs. It also requires that our executive director be licensed as a mortgage originator.

Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership: Mortgage Broker License Number: 394805

Edward Alcantara: Mortgage Originator License Number: 1286453

James Wilde: Mortgage Originator License Number: 395036

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