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Home Buyer of the Month - September, 2013

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Joe is a single father with two young children. He took the Project Genesis home buyer training program two years ago. Joe worked with Ed Alcantara, our home buyer counselor, to create a financial plan so that he would be qualified and ready for the mortgage application process. He just succeeded in buying his home.

Joe worked with Sovereign Bank to get a "Soft Second" Loan from the Massachusetts Housing Partnership. Timing was on Joe's side. The interest rate on his "soft second" loan (now known as the ONE Mortgage) is 2-1/2% fixed. He also received down payment assistance from the City of Lowell.

The City of Lowell's down payment assistance enabled Joe to have the funds to make some home improvements. His kids love their new home and were very excited to show off their rooms and yard. Joe approached the home buying process methodically. He found a good neighborhood and house.

Joe was able to let his co-workers and even his closing attorney know about the special mortgage and down payment assistance programs that are available.

We are thrilled for Joe and his family. Congratulations.