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Home Buyer of the Month - November, 2013

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Shivananthan & Srivathana

Shivananthan & Srivathana are from Sri Lanka. After immigrating to New York, they moved to Lowell when Shiva found a job. They rented for a few years while saving and exploring long term and stable housing. They completed the home buyer training class last December. As luck would have it, a friend's father was ready to sell his house and it was ideal for them. After having their rent increase, they knew it was time to buy.

They needed a little help from the City of Lowell's down payment assistance program. Ed Alcantara, our talented home buyer counselor, helped them formulate a financial plan and to explore mortgage options. Donna Koulas of Citizen's Bank worked with them to qualify for their "Destination Home" loan product.

Despite roadblocks along the way, they persevered and became home owners this past summer. Shiva is grateful for all the people that welcomed and helped them. He is particularly grateful for their cultural sensitivity. His long term goal is to own his own business as his wife earns her degree in Information Technology.

We have a soft spot for them here at MVHP since they brought a beautiful and delicious homemade cake to thank us for helping them