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Home Buyer of the Month - November 2017

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 Katie took the online home buyer training class in      February. Katie was able to find out about the program  thanks to Cathy Mercado who was in the same Public  Matters program as she was. Katie took the class with  the goals of educating herself and to save money.

 Katie did not know much about the homebuying process as none of her friends had bought and her parents bought about 30 years ago. In regards to the homebuying process as a whole, Katie states, “The homebuying process is super overwhelming, it was nice to know what to expect going into it.”

The aspect of the class that was the most surprising for Katie was how in depth and how long the class was. After taking the online course, Katie had to do an in-person class where she learned more about the documents she needed as well as the home inspection. As a result, Katie benefited from the LDFC down payment assistance program.

Katie first realized she was a homeowner when she had to pay for her first mortgage, “it was scary at first, to know that it was going to be for 30 years, but at the same time I felt very prideful. The whole process went very smooth for me, everyone moved really fast and it took about three weeks for me to close after I found a home. I recommend the program to everyone, it does a lot for the city of Lowell.”