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Home Buyer of the Month - December, 2013

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David Correa

David has lived in Lowell since he was 10 years old. Working for a credit union, he has seen many of his clients take the home buyer training classes on their way to home ownership. When he decided that he didn’t want to pay rent anymore, he enrolled in our Project Genesis program.

After looking at several houses, specifically wanting a good backyard, he found the one for him. It had been recently remodeled which meant that there was not a lot of work needed.

David approached his purchasing process methodically. After completing the home buyer training program, he enrolled in our landlord training program. After initially looking at single family homes, purchasing a multi-unit house made sense for him. David purchased a two family home. The rental income he receives keeps his housing costs below what he was paying for rent. The landlord class made him feel comfortable about selecting good tenants.

The City of Lowell provided down payment assistance using its federally funded HOME program.

David’s energy and enthusiasm made him a pleasure to work with. He is happy with his choice and loves his new home. We are happy for him.