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Sharon and Gerard Buckley - September 2017 edit
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Home Buyer of the Month

Sharon and Gerald

Sharon and Gerald discovered the home buyer training classes during their extensive three-year search for a home. They took the class several times in order to gain more knowledge about the home buying process. Learning about budgeting and how to manage their finances was the most useful to them.

Sharon and Gerald’s process was different than most as they went through the ‘Section 8 to Home Ownership’ program. With regard to the program, Sharon states, “In the beginning it was difficult, but in the end, it was nice to know that they were there to help.”

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Katie Stoll - HB of Nov 2017 edit

Home Buyer of the Month

Katie Stoll

Katie first realized she was a homeowner when she had to pay for her first mortgage, “it was scary at first, to know that it was going to be for 30 years, but at the same time I felt very prideful. The whole process went very smooth for me, everyone moved really fast and it took about three weeks for me to close after I found a home. I recommend the program to everyone, it does a lot for the city of Lowell.”

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Alizabete Boyle  George - Dec 2017 edit

Home Buyer of the Month

Alizabete and George

“The program was great because it provided a foundation, blueprint and understanding of what to do. Everybody should do this.” said George. They had talked about owning a house and said “We’ve got to do this”.

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Hugo Velasques  Betsy - Jan 2018 edit

Home Buyer of the Month

Hugo and Betsy

As a construction worker, Hugo is very knowledgeable about homes. Even so, something that stuck with him was the home inspection process. “I thought I just needed to be approved for a loan and that’s it.” In class, he learned the importance of a home inspection. “I work in construction and didn’t realize how much a home inspector does.”

Hugo looked at over 15 houses. “I came across a house where the owner wanted $40,000 more than appraised value. He tried negotiating but the owner was not flexible. “As much as I liked the house, I decided to look elsewhere.” After months of looking, he found the perfect house.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the organization is to promote affordable home ownership opportunities for low and moderate income earners by producing comprehensive training and counseling as well as promoting the use of special mortgage products and down payment assistance programs. With offices in Lowell, Massachusetts, MVHP focuses its services in the Greater Lowell community.

The Merrimack Valley Housing Partnership is a private 501(C) (3), non-profit organization.

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Home Buyer Training

Project Genesis is a comprehensive series of training seminars for first time home buyers. It consists of 10 hours of instruction over four evening sessions.

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